Monthly Interest Deposit

American Bank of Investments is close to you with the new deposit …Monthly Interest Deposit. With this deposit, customers can benefit monthly interests, which can be drawn every month, at your needs.

Opening criteria of the deposit:

1.You can open this deposit in Lek or Euro currency.
2.Duration of deposit is 12 months.
3.The minimum amount deposit depending upon their currency of your deposit is 2000 EUR or 300’000 ALL.

Characteristics of Monthly Interest Deposit:

  1. Customer with appropriate opening of this deposit, offered the opportunity to taken an Overdraft with Cash Collateral.
  2. Any individual that will be used this deposit is given the possibility to take a credit card as guarantee the fund of this deposit.

For more information about Interest Rate, check Terms and Condition.

Bank deposits are insured until 2,500,000 (two million five hundred thousand) All from the Agency of Deposits Insurance –