Teller in Pogradeci Branch

Job Title: Teller
Division: Retail Unit
Location: Pogradec
Closing Date: 23 August 2019

We are seeking to recruit an experienced and very dynamic employee, in the position of Teller in Pogradeci Branch.

Job purpose: Assures a normal and effective performance of the work in the tellers area, fast and qualitative service to the customers and administration of cash.

Direct Reports to:  Branch Manager

Duties and responsibilities:

  • To have responsibility for the safety of cash (checks, cards, and the other documents in vault) and holds the keys of the vault in the Branch. (one of the possible two keys/codes)
  • To reconcile the cash and the checks in the end of the day and to account the daily transactions.
  • To carry out the money withdrawal for the customers and to make payments after the verification of the signs, verification of the customer statement and after the control of the sum in written form.
  • To accept checks and cash for deposits, to verify the sum and to control precisely the form filled in from the customer.
  • To verify the checks and the information filled in checks such as date, name of the bank, the identification card of the person who will be paid and the legitimacy of the documents.
  • To register in the system the respective transactions in order to print precisely the payment slips for the customers.
  • To compile the data of the till/vault and to fill in the respective currency books the respective sums at the end of each day.
  • To reconcile the cash of the vault with the data generated from the system and to close the vault in cooperation with Operations Manager.
  • To systematize the daily till and ATM documents and to controls the regularity of these documents.
  • To know very well all the manuals, instructions and procedures related to the position of teller and to be informed continuously for the changes made.
  • To count with hands the bills and the coins in order to prepare them for the deposits or to send to HO according the respective procedures by informing the Treasure Department preliminarily.
  • To detect the false bills, to inform the Operations Manager and to take responsibility for any cash difference ALL or FX.
  • To identify the mistakes during the transactions performed when credit and debit part are not balanced.
  • To solve the problems or the inconsistency related to the customer accounts.
  • To monitor continuously the till in order to keep the balances and to request for cash in order to face the daily cash demand.
  • To keep the privacy of the every performed transaction.
  • In case of doubtful behaviors, reports to the security in Branch. In case of robbery, tries to stay calm and follows the bank procedures for the security of the customers and the staff.
  • In case of dangers, presses the alarm button under the work desk.
  • To be integral part by informing the customers about the bank products and services and by directing them to the responsible persons of the Branch.

Position requirements:

  • To be graduated from Faculty of Economics.
  • To have good math abilities in order to facilitate the process of the daily balances.
  • To have good behavior and good relations with the customer.
  • To be practical and careful about work concerning money.
  • To be able to work under pressure.
  • English (written/oral).

How to apply:

Strong motivated candidates looking for a dynamic job and professional team are welcomed to apply by following these steps:

  • Send your CV only in this e-mail address: [email protected]
  • In the e-mail subject, please specify clearly the Job Title.

Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be further contacted from our HR staff.

Publication date: 09/08/2019