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Switch Deposit

Make the most of your Switch Deposit, the most convenient account for your needs.

Switch Deposit offers you the option of changing the deposit currency within the maturity period without losing any accumulated interest. The currencies offered are ALL, EUR, and USD for six and twelve month periods.

For more detailed information on Deposit Interest rates see our Interest Rates Bulletin.

The main features of a switch deposit include the following:

  • The client can exchange the deposit from one currency to another at any time, without losing accrued interest until the date of exchange.
  • The deposit will be exchanged at the exchange rate in effect at the date of exchange.
  • The amount of the principal exchanged and the accrued interest will be redeemed for the remainder of the term.
  • The deposit shall be reopened at the effective interest rate at the date of exchange for the specified term.
  • The number of exchanges during the term of the deposit is unlimited.
  • The amount and maturity is fixed according to the agreement.
  • The minimum deposit amount is ALL 50,000, EUR 500, and USD 500.


Our bank is a member of the Deposit Insurance Agency.

All deposit accounts of any corporate depositor in the Republic of Albania held with the American Bank of Investments (ABI) shall be secured by the Deposit Insurance Agency (ASD), up to ALL 2,500,000 (two million five hundred thousand) or its countervalue in foreign currency, according to the provisions set forth in Law no. 53/2014, “On Deposit Insurance”, as amended.

For more information, please visit: Deposit Insurance Agency