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Retirement Package

If your savings and pension are not enough to enjoy your well-deserved retirement days, we have figured out a way to increase your income.

Retirement Package helps you maximize your income.

The Retirement Package is a dedicated package for clients who withdraw their monthly pension from the American Bank of Investments.

We offer you four services combined into one package, which aim to increase your savings.

In order to benefit from this new Package, you must withdraw your monthly pension from the American Bank of Investments.

Retirement Package includes:

  • Savings account in ALL, from which you will withdraw your monthly pension.
  • Earn interest every month on your savings account in ALL.
  • The minimum amount for opening a savings account is ALL 1,000.
  • Zero commission for opening an account.
    Zero commission for account maintenance.
    Zero commission for closing your account.
  • Get a Debit Card with Zero annual commission.
  • EUR savings account, with minimum amount of EUR 10 for account opening.

Take advantage of this opportunity, as this is the only package on the market that offers you the chance to open a Time Deposit with a competitive interest rate.

In addition to your monthly pension, you can withdraw your savings account interest, and your deposit interest, thus generating higher monthly income.

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