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Credit Card

VISA Credit Card offered by American Bank of Investments is a very competitive product on the market, offering the most easy-to-use features for all customers.

Key features of VISA Credit Card:

  • All customers who apply successfully for a VISA Credit Card for the first time will pay 50% of the annual commission in the first year.
  • The minimum monthly payment is only 7%.
  • You can hold two cards, in EUR and ALL, with the same limits as approved by the Bank.
  • Zero commission on every POS purchase (in shops, hotels, travel agencies, etc.) inside and outside Albania.
  • Annual competitive interest, 15% applied to the limit used.
  • We offer maximum security! All our credit cards are equipped with a CHIP device provided by VISA company with the most advanced technology.
  • You can pay the minimum amount and can pay the rest later until the card matures.

Buy your benefits don’t end there…

  • The card is automatically renewed.
  • Anyone can get a VISA credit card, just submit one of our branches with an ID and proof of income, and fill out the application form.

For more information on Credit Card Standard Terms and Conditions and safe usage of your card, please refer to the documentation below.

For more information, you can contact us as follows:

Tel: +355 44 512 145
Email: [email protected]

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