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Current Account

The current account enables all transactions, payments, withdrawals, transfers, rent payments, invoice payments, checks, cards, etc., to be made.

What are the advantages of this account?

With the opening of a current account, the customer will be able to apply for a VISA Electron debit card and a VISA Gold credit card in ALL and EUR. Cash withdrawals at ABI ATMs or purchases made within Albania through a VISA Electron debit card are free of charge. Also there is zero commission applied for purchases made either inside or outside Albania with a VISA Gold credit card.

In addition, with a current account you can perform the following actions:

  • make payments in local currency or in foreign currency
  • make payments at home and abroad
  • make payments within branches of ABI
  • make payments to third party accounts
  • pay taxes
  • pay electricity bills
  • pay water bills
  • make customs payments
  • make social security payments
  • make mobile phone payments
  • make lease payments.

Which currencies are accepted to open this account?

ALL, EUR, USD, among others.

For current account interest rates, please read the Terms and Conditions.


Our bank is a member of the Deposit Insurance Agency.

All deposit accounts of any corporate depositor in the Republic of Albania held with the American Bank of Investments (ABI) shall be secured by the Deposit Insurance Agency (ASD), up to ALL 2,500,000 (two million five hundred thousand) or its countervalue in foreign currency, according to the provisions set forth in Law no. 53/2014, “On Deposit Insurance”, as amended.

For more information, please visit: Deposit Insurance Agency.