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Debit Card

American Bank of Investments offers a debit card that best meets their needs and requirements.

VISA gives you the opportunity to use the funds in your account at any time, 24 hours a day. It is linked to up to three of your ALL or EUR accounts.

  • Zero commission for every purchase at POS terminals, such as in supermarkets, shops, restaurants, travel agencies, etc., within Albania.
  • Zero commission on cash withdrawals at ATMs.
  • VISA gives you the ability to better control your account. Each transaction is immediately reflected in your account giving you the opportunity to verify everything.
  • We offer maximum security and convenience for purchasing through Contactless technology (touchless purchase & PIN)
  • We offer maximum security for online shopping through Visa Secure technology (3D Secure)  at no additional cost.
  • Change PIN at every bank ATM.
  • Transfer funds from one card account to another.
  • Any time balance printing or recent transactions from any ABI ATM.
  • Transactions are 100% authorized.
  • Each customer can apply for a VISA card.

Eligibility for a Visa:

  • Have a current or savings account.
  • Complete a VISA application form.

For more information on Debit Card Terms and Conditions and guidelins for safe usage of your card, please refer to the documentation below.

Tel: +355 44 512 145

Email: [email protected]

You may need these documents: