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Visa Business Debit Card


Visa Business Debit Card, is the card which provides you to use your business accounts to make online transactions and cash withdrawals in every ATM wherever you are.

 Advantages of VISA Business Card

  • Safer and easier payments without needing to worry about the cash
  • This card can be linked with up to 3 current accounts in ALL or EUR
  • You may have up to 15 physical cards for usage for you and your authorized persons
  • Possibility to adjust cards’ usage limits up to your needs.

Benefits of VISA Business Card

  • Cash withdrawals in ABI Bank ATMs without commission
  • POS and Online domestic purchases without commission
  • Card renewal without commission
  • 24/7 service in POS, Online and ATM
  • Our VISA Business Debit Card offers maximum security supported by VISA

Card application

If you have a business current account, you are required to apply on our branches and you will be notified by SMS as soon as your card is ready.

For more detailed information, please visit one of our branches.