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Online Banking Platform

1. What is ABI Online Banking?

ABI Online Banking is an electronic platform, which allows you to perform a variety of banking services and operations by accessing a website or an application, without being present in the Bank premises.

2. Which are ABI Online Banking channels?

ABI Online Banking can be accessed in two ways:

  • E-Banking – accessing the platform through web browsers from PC, tablet or mobile phone
  • Mobile Banking – accessing the platform through the application in a mobile phone or tablet

3. What services are offered through E-Banking/ M-Banking?

Through this platform, from your PC or Mobile/Tablet you can perform the following transactions without being present in the Bank premises:

  • Check the balance and the transactions of all your bank’s accounts, Time deposits balance, loan details and credit card balance.
  • Control your registered/processed/completed transactions
  • Payment orders between your accounts and within other account in the Bank
  • Domestic payment orders and international payment orders with the possibility to add documents for cross-border transfers
  • Payment orders in favor of utility and mobile companies
  • Payment orders in favor of the Tax Office, Customs Agency etc
  • Multi User authorization: the second user authorizes from the mobile application transfers recorded on the web by another user
  • Send/retrieve account details using QR code
  • Interactive communication through the platform

4. How to use ABI Online Banking?

For more information please follow Frequently Asked Questions and Video Tutorials.

5 Online Banking Security and Security Advice

For more information on Online Banking security, please refer below:

Security in E-Banking/ M-Banking

Security Advice

For more information please refer to the documents below.

ABI Bank invites you to use the Online Banking service to perform banking operations. If you have not activated this service, you can apply at our branches.

  • For any questions contact your personal banker or contact us at [email protected]
  • If you have applied for E-Banking / M-Banking or you are already using them, and you have questions, requests etc. please contact us at: Phone number +355 44 512 145, E-mail address: [email protected]
  • For every question please contact your Personal Banker, the Branch you operate with, or contact us on email adress [email protected]

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