Medium and Large Enterprise

To access e-banking you need to have a "Username" and "Password".

In addition to the "User Name" and "Password" provided by the Bank you can access E-banking by requesting additional security elements such as USB, which contain the digital client certificate through which you can transfer and to unspecified beneficiaries .

Services provided

With this platform, you can perform the following actions on your computer without having to go to the Bank:

  • Check the status of all current accounts
  • Checking the value of time deposit
  • Control of e-banking transactions
  • Payment order between accounts
  • Payment order within the Bank
  • Domestic payment order
  • Payment order abroad
  • Payment orders in favor of utilities and mobile telephony companies.
  • Payment order in favor of Tax Office, Customs.
  • Sending messages to the Bank for questions about e-banking / receiving messages from the Bank.
  • These actions are for authorized accounts only. The rights to the above operations are defined by the profiles Limited Access and Full Access.

For more information, please refer to the document below.

Use Internet Banking Service to perform your banking transactions. If you have not activated this service, you may apply on our branches or may fill the below application.

  • Print or send through email on your Personal Banker email, or send to: [email protected]
  • Please be informed that application must be signed to ABI Branches by Authorized Person.
  • For every question please contact your Personal Banker, the Branch you operate with, or contact us on email adress [email protected]

You may need these documents: