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Medium Term Loan for Working Capital

This loan financing has the same features as Short Term Loan (Overdraft), with the difference on maturity up to 3 years.

This loan is used from the company to cover short-term expenses as: payment of liabilities and inventory payments.

  • Financing offered in currencies ALL, EUR, USD
  • Loan maturity up to 3 years
  • Interest calculated on daily basis and is paid only for the used amount.
  • Repayment method of this loan is the same as the long-term loan, so the interest and principal are repaid every month until the loan is fully repaid.

For more information, please contact Lending Division of American Bank of Investments.

Our specialized staff will be at your disposal.


*) If the interest rate on the loan depends on EURIBOR and the EURIBOR value falls below zero, this value will be considered zero for calculating the interest rate.