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ABI at the event Road to Success

For the second year, the largest event in Tirana—The Road to Success—was organized at the Palace of Congresses, gathering some 2,000 professionals from various fields eager to follow the right steps towards success. At this special and inspirational activity, for which ABI was a Silver Sponsor, were present a group of Bank employees, representatives of sales units, and other departments of the Head Offices.

Do you want to be more successful?
Is success in your hands?
How can you achieve your dreams more quickly and more easily?
How can you achieve the highest levels of success even when circumstances are not conducive?
How can you succeed consistently?

These questions and many others were answered at this unique event, organized by Mr. Vasil Naçi, an Albanian entrepreneur who is one of the most successful in the whole region. The proceeds from the activity all went to charity.

Where there is success, there are always opportunities to support causes with important social impacts.