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Customer Service, Tirana Branches

Job Title:                      Customer Service, Tirana Branches

Location:                      Tirana             

Closing Date:              April 15, 2023

We are seeking to recruit an experienced and very dynamic employee, in the position of Customer Service in Tirana Branches.

Direct Reports to:  Branch Manager / Operational Supervisor

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Identify and attract potential customers, must answer questions about offered products and services, and at the same time suggest information about other products and service offered by the bank.
  • To know very well all the manuals, instructions and procedures linked with the position of the CSR and to be informed constantly for the manuals updating.
  • Open customer’s accounts registering the information for the relevant account.
  • Follow customers’ demands to open savings/current & time deposit accounts in accordance with the updated instructions and KYC Policy. Controls the closed accounts and interruption of these contracts.
  • Realize foreign exchange transactions based in customer’s demand with preferential rate depend on case.
  • Realize payments and transactions over his/her limit after taking permission by the Operational Supervisor.
  • Accept transaction demands with abroad executing exactly the Procedures.
  • Make possible the transfer of salaries for the company’s employees following the lists that the company brings constantly, also opening salary accounts for the new employees of the company.
  • Follow the customer’s correspondence answering on time their request.
  • To sell other bank products as deposits, debit and credit cards and other products as per target approved.
  • To perform the scanning of signatures and various documents, maintain client’s files and various documents.
  • Perform AML reporting timely and in accordance to all regulations required.
  • Prepare and issue certificates according to customer’s requests, responding in time to their requests.
  • Inform customers for the submission of Debit Cards as well as new PIN-s or reprinted ones.
  • Follow the Orders treatment (Customer reports) to block / unblock / execution by the Municipality / tax / Execution Private or public / Customs, etc.
  • Follow and handle the document requirements for information by the Prosecutor / Court / Customs, etc.
  • Perform archiving, maintenance of documents according to the regulations and standards of the Bank.
  • To contribute actively to team efforts to accomplish the required results.
  • To carry out monitoring, preparation of reports, customers reports, and performs all operational actions to customers with non-performing loans.
  • To identify potential customers and to make all necessary efforts for the presentation of the products/services offered by our bank, make efforts for the cross selling to the existing customers.
  • To inform the customers correctly about the prices of the products/services offered by our bank.
  • To be informed very well about the plan and the realization related to the banking products.
  • To fill in all necessary contracts for credit cards, overdrafts, other services and agreements.
  • To maintain the customer’s files of loans, credit cards in compliance with the respective manual.
  • To provide new customers for the Branch.
  • To guide the initial loan interviews with the new customers and to prepare the necessary reports.
  • To analyse correctly the customers, to determine their needs and to inform the superiors about the situation.
  • To control in a detailed way the required documents for the fulfilment of the credit file.
  • To prepare the Credit Proposals and to send the proposals to the HO according to Procedure in force.
  • To be careful in order that the customers can be informed and accept the loan conditions, loan instalments dates and other obligations related to the loan contract.
  • To cooperate for the fulfilment of the loan files with the necessary documents in case of missing.
  • To reflect the necessary account changes related to commissions, insurance premium etc.
  • To visit and to contact regularly the customers, to prepare the monitoring reports for the visits performed.
  • To manage the situations when the customers are unsatisfied, to solve as quickly as possible and to report to the superiors about the situation when is needed.
  • To report correctly and clearly the information taken from the visits to the premises of the customers.
  • To monitor the ongoing of the customers after the loan disbursement in order to ensure that the loan purpose has not changed, and to be updated about every eventually request that may appear.
  • To inform the customers in the correct time about any possible change in the loan conditions.
  • To know very well all the manuals, instructions & procedures regarding the CSR position and to be constantly informed about reviewed manuals.
  • To perform other jobs and duties requested from the superiors.

Position Requirements:

  • Economy degree
  • To have at least 3 years of work experience in the banking industry
  • To know very well bank products, services and banking market.
  • To offer a quality service for the customers.
  • To have the ability to solve different problems.
  • To be cooperative and recognize teamwork
  • To analyze the information taken from the customers.
  • Willing to face the targets and the individual progress
  • Excellent and oral communication skills and telephone communications.
  • Be confident and have the ability to convince the clients.
  • English language is an advantage

How to apply:

Strong motivated candidates looking for a dynamic job and professional team are welcomed to apply by following these steps:

1-    Send your CV only in this e-mail address: [email protected]

2-    In the e-mail subject, please specify clearly the Job Title.

Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be further contacted from our HR staff.