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American Bank of Investments celebrates its License Anniversary

On 12 December, 2016, ABI held a reception to mark the first anniversary of its licensing by the Bank of Albania. Over the course of its first year, the Bank achieved a very positive performance, with significant figures and achievements. The reception was attended by government representatives, Mr. Jeffrey Bowan, Advisor for Economic and Commercial Relations at the US Embassy, international organizations in Albania, and clients of the American Bank of Investments. Also presenting were senior representatives of American investors: NCH Capital Inc., Gregory Katz, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors, Kathryn Swintek, and members of the Board of Directors, Rezzo Schlauch and Mark Crawford.

CEO Mr. Andi Ballta noted, “On our first anniversary, the bank is bigger, safer, more liquid and profitable. Reducing spending and bad credit has yielded very good results. We will continue to consider all the opportunities and facilities that the Albanian economy is strengthening, including the inefficiency in the industry’s local and regional market. Our slogan is Invest in Optimism! We respect and admire the hard work of our wonderful customers, the country and people. In addition to the many challenges, we have worked with very good companies that have built a successful business over the past 25 years. We want our customers to feel comfortable, secure, welcomed and special.

Mr. Gregory Katz said, “We are pleased with the performance of the first year. The bank has gone through a phase of consolidation and optimization, and will now focus on delivering new services and products.”

Meanwhile, Mark Crawford said the Bank will continue to set a good example of the success of a powerful and long-term investor, an American investor who has had a presence in Albania for a decade and has increased its level of investment. ABI is owned by NCH Capital, one of New York’s largest US investors and with more than USD 3 billion under its administration.