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American Bank of Investments has supported women and girls victims of trafficking

American Bank of Investments has supported women and girls victims of trafficking and their children. The assistance was made possible through the organization "Different & Equal" by intervening in the improvement of the conditions of the Reintegration Shelter for victims of trafficking and the Day Care Centers for child victims in Tirana and Shkodra.

The project enabled the rehabilitation of these centers with more comfortable and functional facilities, enabling the replacement of depreciated furniture and equipment over the years.

As of today, this organization has assisted 765 cases of trafficking victims, along with their children.

“Improving the infrastructure in the accommodation facilities for victims of trafficking enables more favorable conditions for the realization of activities and contributes to increase their well-being. "Beyond the comprehensive services provided by our organization, the commitment of American Bank of Investments is a good example of a business that carries the values ​​of a responsible institution in relation to society and marginalized groups." Marjana Meshi, executive director of the organization "Different & Equal".

Anisa Sheldija, representative of the Social Responsibility sector of ABI Bank said: “Support for this project is a continuation of the responsible approach that American Bank of Investments is committed to have in relation to society and support of causes that attract attention to marginalized groups.”

Last year, American Bank of Investments was the main supporter of the Shelter for Women and Girls in Tirana. The project aimed to improve the Shelter's physical facilities as a way to guarantee a better quality of service and better living conditions.

Believing in gender equality and equal opportunities, as one of the supporting pillars in its activity as a business, American Bank of Investments will continue in the future to be on the side of social projects that have this focus.