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New Contactless Card of ABI Bank

Dear customer,

American Bank of Investments in order to provide the latest technology in the use of debit cards, informs you that the process of improving the electronic payment support infrastructure has begun.

Your existing debit card will be replaced at no extra cost with a new Visa Classic debit card. The new card will enable Contacless technology (PIN-free purchases), maximum security in online purchases through the VisaSecure system, actions with your card up to 3 of your personal accounts both in Lek and Euro, plus an attractive image of the card itself.

Your existing card as a result of this upgrade will no longer be functional after receiving notification of the activation of the new card.

Already, ABI Bank has produced your new Visa Classic debit card, which will be valid for your use after the cancellation of the existing card. You are kindly requested to contact American Bank of Investments to withdraw your new Visa Classic debit card.

ABI Bank will notify you via SMS on your mobile phone number, for the date on which the new Debit Card becomes valid for your personal use.

For any ambiguity or suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact us at our nearest branch or write to us at [email protected]

Thank you for your understanding and trust.

With respect,

American Bank of Investments