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Prevention is the best cure - COVID19

Dear customers,

As part of the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), American Bank of Investments has taken care to take the necessary measures to protect customers and its employees from being affected by COVID19.

We have taken preventive measures for the safety of customers and employees:

  • Disinfection of the internal premises of the bank (ventilation system, work posts and common areas);
  • Distribution of disinfectants in all branches of ABI Bank;

Personal care and hygiene are the foundations in preventing the spread of this virus:

  • Frequent hand washing and use of antiseptic fluids;
  • Avoiding social gatherings in crowded environments, keeping distance from people with flu symptoms and avoiding touching the face.

Please understand how to manage login and branch actions:

  • If you have developed viral symptoms, and you need our help, we are here to help you with your banking needs, through; email: [email protected], tel: 04 225 8755
  • Avoid staying on the branches in cases where there are too many people;
  • Use as many debit and credit cards as possible for ATM withdrawal and card purchases while avoiding unnecessary branch visits;
  • Use the e-banking service to perform banking operations. If you do not have this service, please apply here if you are an individual and here if you are a business.

Together with you, we will work for a safer environment for all.

Thank you for understanding!