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ABI celebrates Thanksgiving Day together with those most in need

On 22 November 2018, ABI celebrated Thanksgiving Day together with the people in need at Social Center no. 6 and Red Cross facilities in the social center in Tirana. On a typical U.S. holiday, ABI staff and representatives of the American Chamber of Commerce and the Municipality of Tirana met together at the center. This activity has now become a tradition with ABI organizing this day for those who most need warmth during this period.


Representatives from ABI, said, “This is the second year we meet in this Center, and this year we will serve the traditional Thanksgiving dinner at the newly opened Social Network of the Red Cross. This day is one of the most important holidays in American culture. It is a day when everyday stresses are replaced by the joy and satisfaction of being part of a community. Our people have a wonderful tradition of volunteering and assisting people in need. The tradition of the covenant, or the expression ‘heartfelt bread’, are wonderful treasures that fully fit the spirit and values of Thanksgiving. We thank the Municipality of Tirana, the American Chamber of Commerce, and especially the employees and volunteers of Social Center no. 6 and the Red Cross. At ABI, they will find a good and welcoming friend.

Mark Crawford, AMCHAM Board Chairman and also board member of ABI, said that the American Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy, is trying to ensure that social responsibility issues are on the agenda of any business and that there is a great deal of cooperation and understanding among all members.

Thanksgiving Day ended with the traditional lunch that ABI representatives and other guests served to all participants.

ABI is owned by NCH Capital, one of New York’s largest U.S. investors and more than USD 3 billion under administration.