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ABI in MIK Festival in Korca

As summer life moves more to the south, nearer the sea and holidays, the great soprano Inva Mula and many other artists, with the support of ABI, turn their attention to Korca, to fill this city with art and culture. On 25–29 July, the first edition of the Korca International Music Festival (MIK Festival) was launched.

The festival brings together 150 artists who perform the best music, mixed on the day with the history and culture of Korca. The MIK Festival lasts for five days, from 25 to 29 July, as an activity that promotes the culture and history of this city. Tefta Tashko Koco received the most attention at this festival, as one of the biggest figures in this city who revolutionized artistic life in Korca.

The American Bank of Investments supports the Korca International Music Festival, full of five days of top quality art and culture.