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ABI supports Millionaire Grandmothers in RTSH

For ten straight weeks, on RTSH 1, Millionaire Grandmothers, the latest show of culinary expertise and humor, is being transmitted. In an original format, previously unseen by the Albanian public, the show will capture everyone’s attention regardless of age, though particularly housewives who are passionate about cooking.

Nine grandmothers, nine housewives, from various cities in Albania and Kosovo, gather to show the best of their culinary arts with week after week of cooking. Although amateur cooks, the fact that they are grandmothers means, in Albania, they know how to cook. However, in their case they also want to become rich. The three grandmothers who earn the most money in one week will pass onto the next phase, and in the final episode the winner will be decided, resulting in a millionaire grandmother.

The jury will comprise a special panel of professional chefs and VIPs passionate about cooking.

The purpose of this show is not only fun, but also to highlight the values of Albanian cuisine. Every week, the grandmothers will bring their experience of the most wonderful recipes in Albanian cuisine, the traditional food of the areas they come from, and, above all, the extraordinary wealth of our natural produce.

This program is supported by ABI, always present in programs that broadcast optimism and the spirit of competition.