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Other Deposits

Has the same features as Term Deposit, with the difference that you choose deposit interest to be earned for a shorter term, monthly or quarterly.

  • 12 months deposit with monthly interest liquidation 
  • 12 months deposit with quarterly interest liquidation
  • These deposits with periodic interest liqudation are offered in ALL, EUR, and USD.
  • Minimum amount required is ALL 50,000, EUR 500, USD 500

For all these deposits, in the event of premature closure of the account, the interest generated is lost. To prevent such a case you are advised to obtain a loan with your collateral funds or a credit card. The interest rates are very competitive.

For more information refer to Interest Rates Bulletin.


All deposit accounts of any corporate depositor in the Republic of Albania held with American Bank of Investments shall be secured by the Deposit Insurance Agency (ASD) up to ALL 2,500,000 (two hundred and five hundred thousand) or its counter-value in currency. foreigners, according to the provisions set forth in law no. 53/2014, “On Deposit Insurance” as amended.

For more information go to: Deposit Insurance Agency.