Verify the identity

Dear Customer,

This document is to all bank existing /actual customers and to any client who perform even one transaction in the Bank. Our aim is to inform you that have as an obligation to communicate to bank enough information for your personal identification.

1. Why should I give to bank detailed personal identification information?

In Albania as in Europe and all over the world, Law No. 8610, date 17.05.2000 “Compliance and Anti-money Laundering”, changed on Law No. 9084, date 19.06.2003 “ Some changes on Law No. 8610”, date 17.05.2000 “Compliance and Anti-money Laundering”, and proposals of Bank of Albania considering Compliance and Anti-money laundering and financing terrorism, also protecting legal interest and guaranteeing financial transactions of all individuals who collaborates with bank, prohibits the bank to make any transaction without verifying and confirming individuals identity who are involved in such a transaction. Bank of Albania requires and makes it mandatory for all the banks to require to their client legal documents, client identifying documents, transaction documents, etc., and to keep this information on files.

For this reason, when detailed information is required from the bank to fulfill any transaction, you should know that this is required by the law, and there is no any other option and you and the bank can not act differently.

2. How does the Bank use the information and my personal data?

Information given to the banks, Law No. 9662, date 18.12.2006 “For banks of the Republic of Albania”, on customer protection from processing the personal data, requires full safety of this information as prevented by law and using of this information exclusively for the main purpose. Any inconvenience on these laws from banks and financial institutions is subject to hard punishments and big penalty.

Also, you should know that financial institutions are part of the Bankers Ethical Code of Albanian Banks Association collecting and saving customer information, bank confidentiality and personal confidentiality.

3. What are exactly the required identified data and how will be verified this data?

If you want to open a saving account, to rent a safety box, to have a loan or any other transaction send or receive money, the required information by law – if you are the first beneficiary or the second one, the first debtor or guarantor – and the respective documents required to be verified the given information are listed below:


Documents needed to be verified your personal data (by case):


• Identity Card

• Valid Passport

• Birth Certificate


• Phone, Energy or Water Supply Invoice (of last three months)

• Notarized rent contract (if you have one)

• Living place verification issued by Civil State Office


• Social Insurance Book

• Professional license (if you have one)

• Verification from employer

You have to show original copies of the required documents, and the bank should keep their photocopy.

Your required information can vary depending on the transaction type and amount. In several cases, further information is required, including incomes, invoices, insurance policy, property papers, rent or purchasing contracts and/or other documents necessary for the transaction.

If you complete an action for another person or company behalf, you should have your personal identification document and other evidences of the physical person or the company on the behalf of which you are completing an action. Banks are obligated conform the law to require and verify this information.

We thank you for the collaboration and for your time reading this document.