Visa Electron-Debit Card

American Bank of Investments, focusing on customer, offers a debit card that fulfills optimally the customer’s request and needs

– Visa Electron gives you the possibility to use your own funds in your account in every moment you need them, during 24 hours.
– Electron Visa Card is connected to one up to three of your accounts in LEK or EURO.
– 0% commission for every purchase on POS terminals (shops, hotels, internet, markets etc) within or abroad Albania.
– 0% commission for every withdrawal in American Bank of Investments ATM
– With VISA Electron you may check your account. Every transaction is reflected immediately in your account giving the possibility to verify everything.
– Maximal security – the CHIP on the card is security element that the international company VISA offers with the last technology
– Possibility to change PIN in every bank’s ATM
– Funds transferring through card’s accounts
– Anytime you may print the balance of last transactions in every ATM of American Bank of Investments.
– Transactions are 100% authorized and you may have a debit card Visa Electron whatever is the relationship with the bank and credit status.

To have Visa Electron card you have to:
– Open a current or saving account
– To fulfill an application form Visa Electron

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Card is issued as individual.

Flexibility is now in your hands!
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