Pensioners Package – Savings Account For Retirees

If your savings and pension is not enough to enjoy your retirement, we have the option to increase your incomes.

Pensioners Package is here to maximize your incomes and is available for all pensioners which channel their monthly pension through American Bank of Investments.

We are offering 4 services included in one package, with the aim to increase your savings.

Pensioner Package includes:


  • Saving Account in ALL, through this account is channeled monthly pension.
    • Earn monthly interest through saving account in LEK.
    • Minimum amount for saving account is 1’000 LEK.
    • ZERO commission for account opening;
    • ZERO commission for account maintenance;
    • ZERO commission for account closing;
    • Get a Debit Card with  ZERO annual commission;
    • Open a Time Deposit and earn 0.2% over the standard interest rate of bulletin

Through your pension on ABI Bank, you will earn your saving account interest and deposit interest rates.