Switch Deposit

Switch Deposit

Switch Deposit, the most appropriate deposit for your needs.

This deposit has 6 and 12 months maturity, targeted to Individuals and offer the possibility of currency switch LEK, EUR or USD within maturity period

Switch Deposit Interest Rates are published on ABI Bank Bulletin of Interest Rates of time deposits and accounts.

Main Features of deposit:

The client can switch deposit between currencies any time, without losing the accrued interest until switch date.

The deposit can be switched with the exchange rate in force on the switch date.

The switched principal amount and accrued interest will be redeposited for the rest of the maturity term.

Deposit will reopen for the rest of the maturity with interest rate in force on switch date.

Number of deposit switch is unlimited during deposit maturity.

Amount and term of maturity is fixes according the initial agreement.

Minimum amount of deposit is  500’000 Lek / 5’000 EUR / 5’000

The Bank is member of Agency of Deposit Insurance.

All deposit accounts of each depositor in Republic of Albania held on American Bank of Investments SHA, are insured from Agency of Deposit Insurance (ASD) up to 2.500.000 lek or equivalent in foreign currency, according to the provisions stipulated in law no. 53/2014, “On Deposit Insurance” as amended.

For more information please follow: http://asd.gov.al/sq/kreu/