Special deposits

Everyone enjoys the benefits of a term deposit, but in addition we would like to have periodical liquidation of interest and not wait until the end of the deposit.

American Bank of Investments brings once again the choices that you want, possibility of withdrawal of interest every month/every quarter/every year for different maturities of deposits.

These deposits are offered in All, Eur and Usd.

We do council to you to not prematurely close the deposit because you will lose the interest accumulated. Instead, you may apply for a credit or credit card with cash collateral. Interest rates applied in such cases are very competitive.

Please consult our bulletin of deposit rates to see all conditions.

You are welcomed in any of our branches in case further details are needed,.

Bank deposits are insured until 2,500,000 (two million five hundred thousand) All from the Agency of Deposits Insurance – www.asd.gov.al