Deposit in Lek Currency with 3 Year Maturity

Deposit in Lek Currency with 3 Year Maturity


This summer season we offer you the opportunity to earn more from your savings then you were expecting! 

 “Deposit your money in a 3 Year Term deposit and earn 3 months bonus!”

Our offer is a term deposit with 3 year maturity and interest rate up to 3.0%. Every year on deposit maturity, beside the interest rate as specified in the agreement, the customer will earn 1 month bonus interest.


Deposit Advantages

  • Progressive interest rate up to 3.0%:
    • 1.0% for the 1st year
    • 2.0% for the 2nd year
    • 3.0% for the 3rd year
  • 3 months bonus distributed one in each year
  • Possibility of deposit interest withdraw at the end of every year
  • The customer can benefit loan products using the deposit as collateral.



  • Maturity                                                 12 months
  • Currency                                                ALL
  • Minimum amount                               50,000 ALL


Interest Rates

Deposit in ALL

3 Year Interest + 3 M Bonus Nominal IREffective IR
1st Year  (Interest + 1 M bonus)1.0%1.08%
2nd Year (Interest + 1 M bonus)2.0%2.16%
3rd Year (Interest + 1 M bonus)3.0%3.25%


 The offer is valid until 30 September 2019!

 For more information please visit one of our branches.


As per law nr.53/2014, date 22.05.2014 “On deposits Insurance” all accounts and deposits are insured from the Insurance Deposits Agency for the amount up to ALL 2.500.000.